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Even if there is no listing on our page, you can still place the order and we can deliver it all over Israel (apart from remote locations). Apart from these locations, we can deliver almost anywhere in Israel, but the likely chance of extra costs will incur if you do not see the area you want in our page. The best process is to contact us as soon as possible and our friendly staff can answer all your questions. The delivery costs can range from $6.00 to $15.00 depending on distance.

In the interest of safety for both parties involved, Israel Flower Delivery does NOT keep any records or personal information in our servers. As soon as the transaction has been deemed approved, we are finished with such details and will NOT be able to charge extra items to your order. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add to your order (given there is enough time and/or stock) so just get in contact with us and we are happy to add items and recharge your credit card with the submitted information. The sooner you can get in touch with us, the better the process will run.

Unfortunately, this is a service that is out of our reach. However, our friendly customer service team are happy to assist you in located some phone numbers/addresses, or ways to achieve this.
*Please remember that Israel Flower Delivery cannot refund your order due to an incorrect address.

As all personal details that you provide to Israel Flower Delivery are completely private and sensitive, rest assured that no other third party or unnecessary staff members will have access to them. Again, once the transaction is approved, all your details are deleted from our servers.

Accordion ConThere may be minor circumstances where we are forced to hand over your personal details to law enforcement or other investigating authorities such as:
Credit card fraud
Failure to comply within the law
Protection for OUR website AND customers against malicious hackers
The only reason we disclose these personal details is to swiftly aid in the apprehension and application of the law to these individuals and to assist lawful authorities so that grievances do not occur in our business.tent

Of course! Israel Flower Delivery prides itself on offering a safe and secure website from which to conduct business transactions so we are partnered with VeriSign. When you progress to purchase one of our products, you are immediately taken to the VeriSign Secure order form where a number of SSL (Secure Socket Layers) work to protect ALL data that flows through from malicious intents. It is a fantastic and efficient encryption program that stays so until it is safe and secure behind a firewall (the order process).
*Please remember that Israel Flower Delivery does NOT keep any credit card information on our servers.

Of course! We have a variety of kosher chocolate available for your selection which is carried out under Rabanot Israel Supervision or Kosher Halav Nochri.

At Israel Flower Delivery, the process works by purchasing goods and products from leading Israeli wholesalers and flower farmers. This ensures that the products we offer are fresh and of a high standard, enabling some of the longest shelf lives available!

In the unlikely event that we are out of stock for the exact product you are after (flowers or gifts), Israeli Flower Delivery will make an educated decision to replace the item with something as close to the original intention as possible. This includes color, price, impression, and theme so that the difference will be extremely difficult to notice. If this is not possible, we can contact you via telephone or email and discuss an alternative solution.

Of course! Regardless of what kind of residence it is, Israel Flower Delivery is happy to deliver wherever you desire in Israel (except remote locations). Just be sure to include all the extra necessary details for a swift delivery process, such as:
Full hotel address
Hotel phone number
Intended recipient’s name and room number
Even though you have sent us the necessary details, this is only to ensure that the employee at the front desk knows EXACTLY where it is going. Our couriers will only deliver the arrangement to the front desk and leave the rest up to the hotel. Of course, a signature will be taken to prove delivery.

Yes, you can include any personal message you would like (it is your order after all)

Yes, you can send flowers and arrangements to any work or business address but you must remember to include the business name AND the full address of the intended recipient for a swift and hassle-free delivery.