Delivery Policy


If you place an order with a minimum of 24 hours notice, we can deliver it (most of the time) within the same working day! Again however, due to some holidays and special occasions, Israel Flower Delivery may not be able to provide the same option and most orders are to be rescheduled to either earlier or later dates.
Our florist will always call you ahead of time to make sure that the intended recipient’s address is correct and that they will be at the intended location (to save as much time as possible). You must also provide a correct and working phone number for the intended recipient in case of these unlikely events, but in the case this does happen the delivery will not be processed, be put on hold, and further attempts to contact either you or the recipient will be carried out.


In the event that you require your order to be canceled or amended then it is imperative that you contact Israel Flower Delivery as soon as possible. While we are happy to implement any changes or cancelations you need, the later it happens then the more likely we won’t be able to assist you. 48 hours notice is usually the considerate amount of time to send us some messages regarding your order and please note that once an order has been sent out for delivery, it cannot be refunded.
In the event that you have followed our guidelines and have given Israel Flower Delivery 48 hours prior notice, we are happy to refund your full order or give you the full amount in store credit, which can be redeemed online at, and never expires!
Please remember that no refund will be implemented to the customer if an order has been cancelled after the 24 hour period before it is to be delivered.


As with the cancelation policy, Israel Flower Delivery are happy to assist you with any additions or changes you need to make to your order, as long as it falls before the 24 hour time limit. Nothing over this will be accepted in regards to your order as it has already been shipped out for delivery, as much as we would love to help you.


Please be sure that if you possess a discount coupon for Israel Flower Delivery, then you must remember to apply it before you finish the transaction process as we cannot apply it to your order at a later time. It will have to be saved and reused for another occasion.
Please note that discount coupons cannot be used in conjunction with one another, and must be used one at time, per order.
Also please note that Israel Flower Delivery is not required to send you any coupons or discounts for simply being a customer. They are issued at our discretion and good will.